Do you want to track your website visitor in real-time?

When you maintain a blog or website its important to track your site visitor.

Using Google Analytics or Jetpack stats its helpfull to track your website visitor. It’s collect the website visitors data in off time and real-time to improve your website.

Set up a Google Analytics is an important one when you maintain a website or blog.

If you set up Google Analytics stats on WordPress dashboard you can see your site visitors data in the WordPress dashboard.

In this tutorial, I’ll help you out set up Google Analytics stats on WordPress dashboard.

Why add a Google Analytics on my WordPress Dashboard?

Google Analytics is a web analytics service used to track your website visitors. Most of the beginners don’t know about how to configure Google Analytics for their website.

It’s quite complicated to add code on the header section. And it’s too risky when beginners handle with codes to add Google Analytics.

If it goes wrong you’re successfully breakdown your website.

And you need to visit another website to see the analytics data of your website.

Once configure Google Analytics on your WordPress dashboard you’re saved time to see the analytics data.

Using MonsterInsights is the best way to add Google Analytics on your WordPress dashboard.

Once you install and configure MonsterInsights plugin on your website you can see your Google Analytics data through it.

Now let see about how to add Google Analytics on your WordPress dashboard.

How to add Google Analytics stats on your Dashboard

In MonsterInsights we can add Google Analytics stats dashboard feature is available on free and premium versions. Free version for the beginners who started blog or website newly.

Some of the features like affiliate links tracking, form abandonment tracking, scroll depth tracking, enhanced eCommerce tracking, and more you will get in the pro version.

First, we need to install MonsterInsights plugin into the WordPress dashboard.

Login to the WordPress dashboard and go to the Plugins -> Add New and search MonsterInsights and install the plugin.

After install MonsterInsights click the “Activate” button.

Now you will we be redirected to the configuration page in MonsterInsights. If you have license key just past it on the license key box.

And it’s optional when you use pro version then only you can able to paste your license key.

It’s based on the pro plan which type of play you want just check it here.

Connect Google Analytics with MonsterInsights

Once you installed MonsterInsights just click on the “Connect MonsterInsights” button to connect your Google account.

Then sign in to the Google account which one you already created Google analytics property.

Now click the “Allow” button for MonsterInsights access your Google Analytics account.

After that you need to select the profile for your and confirm that you’re a human by clicking the I’m not a robot checkbox.

Then click the “Complete Authentication” button.

And now you are redirected to your WordPress dashboard.

Once you complete authentication you can see MonsterInsights added to your WordPress dashboard.

And you can see the analytics report from the Google Analytics stats report.

You can able to see the overview report from your site.

Like example:

  • Total sessions and pageviews for the last 30 days
  • Average session duration
  • The bounce rate for your site
  • Top Posts/pages on your site
  • New vs. returning visitors report
  • Device breakdown – the proportion of users on desktop, tablet, and mobile

If you have the premium version of the MonsterInsights you can customize additional reports in the dashboard widget.

And you can customize which report you want to see.

You can view your dashboard widget report in full screen.

If you want to change in full-screen view just click between the days switching drop down and settings icon in the MonsterInsights widget.

MonsterInsights comes with custom dashboard come with complete analytics reports of your website.

And you can view your analytics reports to Insights -> Reports from your WordPress admin area.

That’s all you’re successfully connected your Google Analytics report with WordPress dashboard on your website.

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