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Howdy, I’m Purusoth and I’m currently working as a Web Developer. I pursued my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering. My friend introduced me to WordPress and I learned how to build my first Website with WordPress. At first, I started this blog on a Free Web hosting  server and I played around with it till I learned its ins and outs.

During my 2nd year at college, I designed an event website for our department’s annual symposium along with my friends. All our staffs, Classmates and symposium attendees from other colleges liked the website. To appreciate our efforts, we where awarded with a certificate each.

 I started blogging for share my ideas and various SEO strategies for upcoming developers and WordPress beginners.

WPtts (WordPress Tutorials) covers topics on WordPress, Marketing, SEO, and Web hosting. If you need any help with fixing or designing a WordPress site, don’t hesitate contact me.