Scroll depth tracking is an important thing when you maintain a blog. It shows how deep your users scroll on your page.

Tracking your users scroll its helps to know how users like your content.

If your users not like your content they will leave.


Scroll depth tracking it helps to understand your users engaged with your content.

And also helps to optimize your content based on your user scrolls.

Google Analytics feature like scroll depth trigger helps to track your user scroll depth on your website.

Scroll Depth Tracking in Google Analytics

Google Analytics its a free web analytics tool offered by Google, it helps to know about your website users.

Its allow to tracking your website visitors how long they stay in your page, where are they from, which page they visit, how long they scroll down your page and more.

By default,

Google Analytics can track the total number of users, total page views, bounce rate and more.

Some of the features are advanced one in Google Analytics like eCommerce tracking, scroll tracking, form submissions, file downloads, and others.

Scroll tracking in Google Analytics need to setup manually and its not an easy one.

Thankfully, there are some easy to use WordPress plugins like MonsterInsights and WP Scroll Depth Plugins helps to track scroll depth with Google Analytics.

Scroll Depth Tracking in WordPress with MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is a freemium WordPress plugin which is used for integrating Google Analytics in WordPress.

The plugin is created by Awesome Motive, Inc, which is also the developers of OptinMonster, WPForms, and SeedProd.

Currently, the plugin got more than 2 million active installations. The free version has some limits and the premium one will remove all those restrictions.

If you need to enable the scroll depth tracking, you need to get your hands on the premium version of MonsterInsights!

Select a plan which one is suitable for you.

Scroll depth tracking is enabled by default.

so no need to configure, scroll depth tracking is automatically enabled.

First, we need to install an activate MonsterInsights plugin in your WordPress dashboard.

Next, verify license key in MonsterInsights settings page and paste key under license key section.

Once your license key valid, you can unlock pro features by clicking on the Unlock Pro Features button.

This button will be displayed only when you entered a valid license key.

After activation, go to MonsterInsights setting page and click the engagement tab.

Now you can see the scroll depth track enabled automatically.

MonsterInsights trigger events in Google Analytics when user scroll down the page and it will be tracked 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% scrolls.

You can view the stats report in your WordPress dashboard in MonsterInsights Publishers Report (Insights -> Reports -> Publishers).

The scroll depth data appears next to the Interests section.

MonsterInsights displayed Average Scroll Depth in percentage. The user scroll depth percentage helps to know more about users and optimize your content for more engagements.

View User Scroll Data in Real-Time on Google Analytics

Now you can also view the scroll depth tracking data in real-time from your Google Analytics account.

Log in to your Google Analytics then click Real-time in report section then click Events(Real-Time -> Events).

If you want to know about complete data go to Behavior -> Events -> Overview from your Google Analytics dashboard.

And click on Scroll Depth from the Event Category.

That’s all, you did.

Now you can setup scroll depth tracking for your WordPress site using MonsterInsights from your Google Analytics account.

Get Started With MonsterInsights

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