FreshBooks is the best invoice and accounting software for small business and its a cloud-based account software.


You can easily create an invoice and send your clients.

FreshBooks allows recurring invoices, schedule automatic payment reminders, and accept credit card and debit card payments for your invoices online.

And its also monitoring an invoice status after you send them and showing when your clients received and viewed.

Features in FreshBooks

FreshBooks have a lot of features in their service and easily send a billing to your clients. They maintain the records of invoices in featured services.

Time-Saving Features

FreshBooks has a lot of features to help complete your account’s task faster and easier.

You can add new customers, products, and services as you want in another program you need to add from the begin the creating invoice or they don’t save the information you have to add manually.

FreshBooks saves the data so you don’t have entered manually for the future invoices.

  • In the invoice screen, you can quickly create an invoice.  Just upload your logo and choose the template which one you want to create then choose the font colors. And you can add a note to your customer.
  • Estimates and proposals you can convert in just two clicks and its easily duplicate the past invoice instead of creating a new one.
  • You can set the deadline of payable invoice and you can easily add taxes and billable expenses to invoices.
  • FreshBooks allows you for schedule recurring invoices to be sent automatically in weekly, monthly, annually or as frequently as you choose.
  • You can set automatic payment reminders to your invoices before or after the due date. And you can set automatically apply a late fee of your past invoice after crossing the due date.
  • FreshBooks mobile app available for Android and IOS, so you can create an invoice after the client meeting instead of going to an office and create the invoice.

Other Features in FreshBooks

FreshBooks connects with your business bank account and credit card accounts, its automatically imports your expenses every day.

And it allows you to create an accounting chart and run new reports. such as a general ledger, balance sheet, and trial balance.

Few more thing we can do with FreshBooks:

  • A time allocation shows how much time you have on the remaining project, how much of your tracked time is unbilled and countdown the days until a project complete.
  • You can get additional reports like profit and loss reports, sales tax summaries, accounts aging and expense reports, invoice details, payment collected, and time-entry details.
  • More than 60+ apps and integration are available form FreshBooks.


FreshBooks have four types of plans, you can select based on your clients. And it comes with 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied their service you can move out without losing a single penny.

  • The Lite Plan – cost $15 per month and you can send invoice up to 5 clients. In this plan, you can connect with your bank account for accepting invoice payments online. There is a no limit of sending an invoice to clients and you can get free access for FreshBooks mobile app.
  • The Plus Plan – cost $25 per month and you can send invoice up to 50 clients. You can charge a late fee in this plan and send recurring invoices, automatic payment reminders, proposals, and Double Entry Accounting Reports.
  • The Premium Plan – cost $50 per month and you can send invoice up to 500 clients. In this plan have all lite plan features and the plus plan features.

Get Started with FreshBooks

You could see the plans and pricing of FreshBooks from above!

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