When you using the multi-page form on your website you must give feature “Review before submitting form” to your visitors.

In this tutorial, ill help you out how to “Preview before Submit Form” option in WordPress form.

We need one form builder to create a multi-page form, contact form, and more. Formidable Forms is the most powerful WordPress form builder in the market.

Formidable Forms is the freemium plugin, more than 200,000 users are using formidable forms right now.

About Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is one of the best form builder plugins in WordPress. We can create which type of forms we want with any coding knowledge.

Creating a form in WordPress is actually takes time but in Formidable Forms, it’s easy to create by using drag and drop form builder.

Creating a contact form using Formidable Forms is much easier now. They have released a new addon in their plugin, the name called template addon.

In the premium version of the Formidable Forms, you can create more featured forms in an easy way.

Pricing of Formidable Forms

In this time Formidable Forms have 3 plans for Premium one.

  • Basic – $99 a year – For 1 Website.
  • Business – $199 a year – For 15 Websites.
  • Elite – $399 a year –For Unlimited Websites.

In all premium plans of Formidable Forms have “Review before submitting form” feature. Select the plan which one you want and based on your needs.

Why we need Review Before Submit Form Option?

When you creating a multi-page form in your site to getting information about the users through the form.

They need to fill up all the information to submit the form. If they want to edit the information or submit in mistakenly they resubmit the form again.

Features like “Review before submitting form” helps to avoid multiple entries.

A multi-page form like payment forms, order forms, registration forms, loan calculators form, etc. on your website. So you must enable review before submitting a form option.

How To Setup a Preview Before Submitting Form in WordPress

First, you need to install premium version Formidable Forms on your website and enter the valid license key in the key section.

After that you need to create a new form then only you can able to add a review section.

Go to the Formidable Forms settings and add a new form. In the premium version, you can import form template which type you want or create from the scratch.

In the left side available fields which one you want just drag and drop on the right side of preview form.

After completing create a form dont forget to click the “Update” button in an upper right side corner.

Add Preview Before Submit Form Option

The recent update in Formidable Forms it’s called “summary”

You can easily add the summary/review page in just one click on your WordPress site.

When you added the summary page you can exclude the fields of the form. HTML fields, hidden fields, user ID fields, password fields, and fields hidden with visibility.

Users doest have permission to see those fields, its won’t display in the default summary.

you can easily exclude custom fields by type and by using the field ID in the form section.

If you are trying to fill the form a review box appear to confirm the entries.

All done!

Get Started With Formidable Forms

You can get the premium version of Formidable Forms to click here

And start building forms with the most advanced WordPress form builder.

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